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Dive into your services using Specmatic Insights

Unlock insights into your microservices, track dependencies, spot problems early.

Supported specification standards

How it works

Specmatic Insights aggregates Specmatic reports from various environments such as your CI/CD pipelines, and visualises how your organisation's microservices talk to each other.

  1. Integrate with your CI`

    Run Specmatic in your environments

    Ensure continuous quality checks and validate your services against defined specifications.

  2. Collect reports from your CI

    Insights collects posted reports

    Aggregate individual Specmatic reports received from various services so you can begin exploring how your services communicate

  3. Integrate with your CI`

    Take an x-ray view of your microservices

    Specmatic Insights joins the dots and presents you with actionable insights based on your organization's service mesh

Get actionable insights

Specmatic reports from your CI pipelines are aggregated so you can visualize service interactions and dependencies across your organization.

Visualize your service mesh

Visualize bottlenecks, dependency chains and other interesting patterns across all your services early in the development cycle.

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A visualisation of the mesh of micro-services
A visualisation of the dependency graph of a micro-service

Drill down into service dependency graphs

Get an in-depth view of each of your services with their associated upstream and downstream services and their integration health

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Keep an eye on the health of CDD adoption

Visualize how well your teams are adopting contracts and identify areas for improvement

  • Graph showing number of operations used by both providers and consumers over time
  • Graph showing number of operations used only as stubs or tests over time
  • Graph showing API coverage over time

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